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10 Best Massage Chairs in India 2023 – Full body for Home and Office

Best Massage chairs in India

Best Massage chairs in India  | 25% on best massage chairs

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Who else wants to get pampered?
Who else wants to have an energized-fresh morning to start the day off?
Who else wants to turn their stressful day into a pleasant one?
Who else wants to enjoy their pleasant time with their family?
Who else wants to get a great quality sleep?
Who else wants to get rid of your back pain?

Then the answer is here, massage chairs can help you with all the problems mentioned above.

Earlier, we used to book a session with massage therapists to relax and to get rid of those devastating pain. 

This is time-consuming and the fact is that we will not have time to travel and wait for our session in our day-to-day busy schedule.

But don’t worry, those days are now gone. You can get all benefits that a massage therapist can give at the comfort of your home at your own pace.

You can enjoy a good refreshing massage in the morning to start your day off. Or you can get a relaxing massage after a hectic day to get rid of stress and to have a great quality sleep with the help of a massage chair.

We know you came here to know the best massage chairs in India. 

By deeply analyzing all the factors in the massage chair such as rollers, massaging techniques, special features we have provided you with a list of the top 10 massage chairs in India.

Let’s look at these top massage chairs’ features and which one suits your needs.

  • Affordable
  • Very less power consumption
  • Anti Pinch safety feature
  • Zero gravity position for deep massages.
  • No Body scan technology
  • Bulky 

Lixo is a well-reputed brand in India that is serving the health & fitness industry for more than a decade.

Lixo Massage chair LI4455 is at the top spot in our article because of its ease of use and affordable price for everyone.

Lixo massage chair LI4455 is a full-body zero gravity massage chair with multiple advanced features.

Features of Lixo Massage chair - LI4455

The rollers in this massage chair have an SL track design that covers your entire body from your head to your thigs. 

The SL track rollers follow the natural curvature of your body to give you a fully satisfying massage experience.

This massage chair works in both auto and manual mode. You can easily customize the massage experience on your desired point in your body based on your needs.

The massage techniques available in massage mode are knocking, Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, and Rubbing. They also have heat therapy and air compression massages to relax and improve blood circulation.

It also has a variety of auto modes such as Recovery, Extend, Relax, Refresh, Upper, and Lower auto.

You can make use of these auto modes to relax after a long day at work or to get a good night’s sleep.

Specifications of Lixo Massage chair - LI4455

Size: 130 x 68 x 112 cm
Color: Blue / White
Weight: 63 (Kg)
Rated Power: 100 W

  • Luxuriate fit
  • Space-saving design
  • Dedicated Head massager
  • Multiple Massage techniques
  • Costly
  • Heavy 

HCI eRelaxic from HumancareI brand is one of the top therapeutic massage chairs with dedicated research programs.

If you are someone who chooses quality over price, then HCI eRelaxic is the chair for you.

HCI eRelaxic is a full-body zero gravity massage chair with 4D technology.

Features of HCI eRelaxic Massage chair

HCI eRelaxic is a spacious massage chair that welcomes you with no reservations. It is spacious enough to have a person of about 150kg and 6.3 feet tall.

The salient feature of this massage is that it has a dedicated U-shaped head to pamper your temple in the head.

They have the longest SL track of 145 cm to target your whole body with various massaging techniques such as Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Shiatsu, Heat stone, and much more.

It has 32 master masseur auto pre-set massage programs and 34 air compression bags to help you alleviate stress, improve blood flow, and promote muscle suppleness.

It is famous for its Thai style – foot scrape therapy massage from heel to toe. 

HCI eRelaxic provides is one of the best massage chairs with almost all massaging techniques.

Specifications of HCI eRelaxic Massage chair

Size:  152 x 68 x 87 cm
Color:  Red-White/ Brown / Black
Weight: 115 (Kg)

  • Capsule design
  • Artificial Sensing 
  • 6 Rollers system
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Too heavy
  • Costly

Lixo Massage chair LI7001 is one of the top-quality massage chairs in India.

The price of this massage chair is a bit expensive so does the quality and massaging techniques in the massage chair.

Lixo LI7001 has an elegant capsule design and is built with a high caliber.

Features of LIXO Massage chair LI7001

The dual-core system in the massage chair has an Artificial Intelligence double sensing system, Deep tissue massage mechanism, and specialized waist & spine massage mechanism.

Quick control buttons in the armrest make it easier for you to use the massage chair.

The multistroke 6 rollers systems in this massage chair cover your entire body from head to legs using L shaped guide.

It also has a stereo speaker system to get a soothing massage experience every day.

Graphene ultra-fast heat technology in this massage chair helps in warming up your back for a relaxing massage.

There are almost 30+ innovative massage techniques for a soothing experience in your day-to-day life. Some of them are Thai stretch, Deep tissue, Shiatsu, Refreshing nap, Sweet dreams, etc.

A wireless charging system and Touch screen control in the control panel make your massaging experience seamless.

The elegant design and Artificial Intelligence systems in this chair make you addicted to it.

Make sure to choose the appropriate location for this massage chair before buying. It is really hard to move the massage chair with the caster without any assistance.

Specifications of LIXO Massage chair LI7001

Size: 170 x 85 x 125 cm
Color:  Black- Brown
Weight: 168(Kg)
Power: 180 Watts

  • Perfect for everyone.
  • Voice Control
  • 4D technology to adjust the intensity
  • Curved rail technology
  • Comfortable design
  • Less power consumption
  • A bit expensive

HCI eRelaxic and HCI eGenki are the two most popular massage chairs from Humancarei.

Similar to HCI eRelaxic, HCI eGenki is a full-body 4D massage chair with voice-control enabled. This is the massage chair that suits everyone from children to elders.

You can use voice control to turn on auto and manual modes for your massages.

Features of HCI eGenki Massage chair

Intelligent voice control in HCI eGenki makes it easier to control the massage chair. You can easily customize your massage sessions without hassle.

The backrest of this massage chair has curved guide rail technology will SL track rollers of 135cm. These rollers cover your entire body from head to thigh.

You can also slightly adjust the Zero Gravity position to make you comfortable during the massage sessions.

The leg rest of this massage chair has a spring retractable adjustment function. By default, the lower leg frame is 20cm but it adjusts with the help of spring for taller people.

You can also change the 4D intensity and air compression intensity with 3 gears.

The automatic timer in this massage chair turns off the massage to prevent you from overuse injury.

This massage chair is one the most loved chair with all the necessary functionalities.

HCI eGenki is a massage chair that is suitable for elders. They feel more comfortable in this than any other chairs in the market.

You can change the speed, intensity, and timing of the massage chair which makes it more suitable for elders.

This massage chair consumes very less power than other massage chairs. The power required for this chair is 90W.

Specifications of HCI eGenki Massage chair

Size: 150 x 77 x 87 cm
Color:  Black/ Brown/ Green
Weight: 70(Kg)
Power: 90 Watts

  • 2D shoulder detection
  • Super comfortable
  • Curved rail technology
  • Multiple Massage techniques
  • Not comfortable for elders
  • Wide design

The Robotouch is one of the world-class brands in the massage chair industry.

Maxima Luxury from Robotouch is a full-body zero gravity massage chair with the ability to detect and adjust rollers.

Features of RoboTouch Maxima Massage chair

RoboTouch Maxima Luxury has a 2D shoulder detector that adjusts the roller position based on the width and height. 

There is a total of 28 airbags in this massage chair to provide you with the air compression massage to increase the blood flow in your body.

Apart from this air massage, there is also an inbuilt feature – that releases the heat via carbon fiber to relax the back muscles.

There is a list of built-in auto modes present in this massage chair such as ache relief, ease, upper & lower body, comfort, etc.

You can also customize the massage chair with manual mode and choose your desired massaging technique. 

The zero gravity position in this massage helps you to get a deeper message. Extendable calf rest and adjustable leg rest makes your leg fit perfectly in the massage chair.

People who are more than 70+ will feel less comfortable in this chair.

Specifications of RoboTouch Maxima Massage chair

Size:  152 x 68 x 87 cm
Color:  Black
Weight: 120 (Kg)
Power: 150 Watts

  • Luxurious Fit
  • Super comfortable
  • Space-saving design
  • Waist twist massage
  • Heavy

JSB health care is one of the leading brands in Home health care products.

MZ21 from JSB is a full-body zero gravity massage chair with 4D technology.

It is a voice-controlled 4D massage chair. You can easily turn on massages using your voice.

Features of JSB MZ21 Massage Chair

JSB MZ21 has 4 soft massage rollers that move in the SL track from your head to the waist of your body.

You can easily configure using the quick access button near your armrest or using the wireless remote controller.

To improve the flexibility of the waist, JSB comes with a new feature called Special X-twist Waist Massage. This mode in this massage chair twists the hip clockwise and anticlockwise direction.

Air compression massage in this chair is done with a total of 79 bags. There is a combination of various massaging techniques available in this massage chair such as Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Knock, Rubbing, and Vibration. 

You can use Bluetooth connectivity to sync with the speakers to enjoy an amazing massage session.

The scraping massage in the foot rollers improves blood circulation in Foot soles and Calves.

Specifications of JSB MZ21 Massage Chair

Size: 151.99 x 96.01 x 80.01 cm
Color: Golden-brown/ Brown-beige
Weight: 120 kg

  • Heavy duty
  • Highly customizable
  • Super comfortable
  • Superior design
  • A bit heavy

JSB MZ22 from JSB healthcare is a full-body zero gravity massage chair with heating and air compression massage.

JSB MZ22 is a heavy-duty massage chair that can withstand long hours of usage. It is suitable for frequent usage of massage chairs especially in workstations and in a joint family.

Features of JSB MZ22 Massage Chair

JSB MZ22 is a 3D massage chair with L track rollers covering from your head to thigh.

There is a feature Special X-twist Waist Massage in this massage chair to increase the waist flexibility.

It has a USB Pendrive slot and Bluetooth connectivity for syncing the music to please you with a soothing massage experience.

This massage chair has a space-saving design even in the zero gravity massage position.

The massaging techniques available in these chairs are Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Rubbing, Knock, and Vibration.

The effective foot rollers in this massage chair take proper care of your foot and increase the blood flow throughout the body.

Specifications of JSB MZ22 Massage Chair

Size:  180 x 135 x 125 cm
Color:  Red-Brown
Weight: 110 (Kg)

  • Space-saving design
  • 2 Memory mode
  • Great for short people
  • Super comfortable
  • Heavy
  • Limited functionalities

JSB MZ16 is an affordable full-body massage chair with 3D technology.

The Zero gravity position in this massage chair needs just 6cm to recline fully – making it a space-saving design.

Features of JSB MZ16 Massage Chair

MZ16 massage is equipped with L track rail system rollers that move from your head to your thigh.

The effective heating function in the backrest of the massage chair reduces back pain which combines with roller massage to provide an ultimate massage experience.

JSB MZ16 is a 3D massage chair that allows getting deeper massage strokes from the rollers. You can also change the intensity of the massage to give an easing massage to your desired points.

 There are two modes of memory – you can save their favorite mode for repeating in the future.

There are a total of 5 Auto modes such as relax, refresh, extend, etc. You can also target a specific muscle using manual customization and choose your desired massage technique.

Specifications of JSB MZ16 Massage Chair

Size:  148.01 x 89.99 x 80.01 cm
Color: Beige
Weight: 111 (Kg)

  • Convenient to use
  • Affordable
  • Space-saving design
  • Heavy
  • Limited functionalities

Kosmochem is a trusted brand that has been serving the health and medical equipment industry for more than 20 years.

Kosmocare zero gravity massage chair from Kosmochem is a full-body zero gravity massage chair at a budget-friendly price.

Features of KosmoCare Massage Chair

KosmoCare Zero Gravity Chair has 6 massage rollers in the guide rail to give a more intensive and in-depth massage.

There are a total of 32 airbags in this massage chair that is strategically placed in arms, shoulders, waist, thighs, and calves. 

Multiple airbags in the hip and waistline inflate for compression massage to align the lower back and pelvis area. 

The swellings in the body can be reduced by using air compression massage which increases the blood flow.

This Kosmocare zero gravity massage chair has multiple massaging techniques such as Tapping, Kneading, Rolling, and Shiatsu.

Kosmocare offers a full customization option in manual mode.

There is 2 speed level for foot rollers3 airbag intensity levels, and 3 massage zones.

This is one of the budget-friendly massage chairs that can solve the basic needs of massages.

Specifications of KosmoCare Massage Chair

Power: 200 W
Color: Black
Weight: 111 (Kg)

  • Body scan technology
  • Luxurious design
  • Basic
  • only one massage technique for the back massage
  • Limited features 

Indobest from Bodyfriend is a full-body zero gravity massage chair with 4D technology.

This is a budget-friendly massage chair for those who need basic massages in the muscles.

Features of INDOBEST Massage Chair

INDOBEST 4D Massage Chair has a body scan technology that adjusts the rollers based on the user’s width and height.

It has S track rollers of 142 cm to cover your entire body from head to toe.

You can also change the intensity of the rollers for deeper massages. This is one of the salient features of 4D technology.

Accompany your massage with pleasant music by using Bluetooth connectivity in this massage chair.

There are various massaging techniques in this massage chair such as shiatsu, tapping, kneading, etc.

If you are someone who wants basic massages at a lower price, you can choose this massage chair.

Specifications of INDOBEST Massage Chair

Size:  150 x 80 x 125 cm 
Color: Black
Weight: 80 (Kg)

How to buy the best massage chair in India? - Buying chairs guide

So now you know all the best massage chairs in India.

Before making any decision in buying these massage chairs you should know which massage chair suits you and what to look for in a quality massage chair.

We have explained all the factors below for you.

Know the type of the massage chair

There are different types of massage chairs that are designed for specific purposes. 

1)Full body Massage chairs 

As the name suggests, they will give massages to your entire body from head to legs. These chairs are reclined to a certain level to lean back to get massages.

2) Zero Gravity Massage chairs

Zero gravity doesn’t mean you won’t defy gravity and will float. 

Zero gravity is a position in which your body will be in a flat 180-degree position and your leg will be raised above your head level to promote blood circulation. This position has a lot of health benefits.

These are the two chairs you have to consider before buying a new massage chair. 

But the fact is that the top 10 massage chairs we have mentioned above are full-body zero gravity massage chairs.

Know the type of rollers used in the massage chair

Rollers are the ones that give massages to your body. They move in the direction of the frame used in the massage chair.  

There are 3 types of rollers in the massage chair

1) L track rollers 

The chair in the upright position will be in L shape. 

L track rollers are the rollers that can move from your head to thigh in an L frame. 

But the big disadvantage in these L track rollers they will not able to cover the curved parts of the body.

2) S track rollers

S in S track means “sinusoidal” (wave).

S track rollers are the ones that can move through the curvature of your body to provide massages such as our body. 

3) SL track rollers (Hybrid rollers)

SL track is a hybrid roller that is a combination of both S track and L track rollers.

Know the Massaging Technology in the massage chair

Massaging technologies are nothing but the marketing terms they use such as 2D, 3D, and 4D massage chairs.

2D Massage chair

2D massage chairs are the chairs in which the rollers move in two dimensions.

The rollers in these massage chairs move up and down and left and right to provide massages.

3D Massage chair

3D massage chairs are the chairs in which the rollers move in three dimensions.

The rollers in these massage chairs move up and down, left and right, and in and out.   In and out means it will give deep massages to the tissues in the body.

4D Massage chair

4D massage chairs have all the features of a 3D massage chair but with an additional feature to adjust the speed & rhythm of the massages.

Know the Massaging techniques available in the massage chair

There is a variety of massaging techniques available in massage chairs. Not all massaging techniques are available in every massage chair.

So you have to know the massaging techniques you want are present in the massage chair you are going to buy.

Some of the massaging techniques are 

  1. Tapping
  2. Kneading
  3. Rolling
  4. Shiatsu
  5. Deep tissue massage
  6. Swedish Massage
  7. other Modern Massages

Other than these techniques you should check for heat therapy and air massage.

Heat therapy 

Heat therapy in your massage chairs helps you to get warmed and loosened up. 

Heat therapy helps to improve blood circulation and blood flow to a specific area with an increase in temperature.

Heat therapy also helps to reduce body aches such as back pain.

Air compression massage

A no of airbags is strategically placed in the massage chair to give air compression massage to your body.

Air compression massage helps in reducing the swelling, increasing the blood flow, lessening the dizziness and nausea, and healing your leg ulcers.

Know the advanced features in the Massage chair

There are multiple advanced functions available in the massage chair. Make sure your desired functions are available in the massage chair.

Some of the advanced features are

  1. Voice control
  2. Bluetooth connectivity
  3. Inbuilt speaker system
  4. Wireless charging
  5. Artificial Intelligence sensing
  6. Body scan technology
  7. USB port connections
  8. Wireless remote 
  9. Quick touch buttons etc.

These are the functionalities you have to know before buying these massage chairs. I hope now you can select your desired massage chair.

Best Massage chairs brands in India

Providing great customer support, sale, visibility, and experience in the health industry decides the brand’s popularity.

Some of the reputed brands in the massage chair industry in India are 

  1. Lixo
  2. HCI
  3. Robotouch
  4. JSB
  5. Kosmocare
  6. Bodyfriend

The Bottom line

Massage chairs were never a lavish purchase you do. It is one of the necessary things you should be having in your home.

There are multiple health benefits these massage chairs provide.

But we recommend you to not get addicted to it. It is recommended to use the massage chair for 15 to 12 mins but not more than that.

You can also learn about how you should use a massage chair and how much power does a massage chair use here.

If you run into any issue while configuring, you can easily reset the massage chair to its default settings.

Happy Massaging – Vyralx Team

Frequently asked question

Which full-body massage chair is best?

There are multiple best massage chairs in the market. But it depends on a lot of factors.

Some of the best massage chairs are 

  • Lixo Massage chair LI4455 – Based on price
  • HCI eRelaxic – Based on the quality
  • Lixo Massage chair LI7001 – Based on its functionalities


How much does a massage chair cost in India?

The price of the massage chairs varies based on the quality and advanced functionalities they provide.

Ideally, the price of the massage chair varies from 1.5L to 9L.

Do doctors recommend massage chairs?

The massage chair is a little expensive so does the health benefits that come from it.

There are certain conditions in which you should not use the massage chair. 

You should not use the massage chair when you are

  1. Pregnant or Menstruating
  2. Having High fever
  3. Undergoing treatment
  4. Fractured spine 
  5. some other medical illness

So it is advised to consult a doctor if you are having any medical problems

Can massage chairs be harmful?

There are certain cases it can be harmful.

 If you are overdoing the massage chair more than the recommended time, then you are doing to damage the muscle tissues resulting in bruises.

Also if we use the massage chair with illness it can lead to certain problems.

Other than this there is no major harmfulness it can cause to us.