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How often should you use a Massage Chair? – Its optimal usage limits

How often should you use a Massage Chair

Massage chairs are so beneficial that you can’t neglect them. 

But you should know how to use it properly so that you won’t hurt yourself overdoing it.

In this article, we will explain how often should you use a massage chair, its optimal usage for a new user, and how to avoid overdoing it.

Massage chairs provide substantial value to our mental and physical health.

If you are looking for a way to relax your body and mind, massage chairs are a great choice. 

There are many types of massages that you can choose from depending on your need.

For example, if you want something gentle, then a Swedish massage may be the perfect option for you. If you want something more intense and invigorating, then a deep tissue massage is best suited for you.

But the real question is, what is the frequency to use a massage chair? how to properly reap the benefits out of it. Let’s figure it out.

How often should you use a massage chair?

Massage chairs provide great value only when you use them for a short period. A massage chair helps in improving blood circulation, reducing chronic pain, reducing stress, and so on. 

The Optimal time

Optimal time

The optimal time for massage chairs is between 15 to 20 minutes whether you are using them for reducing chronic pain or relaxation. 

To reap the proper benefits out of it you should use them within the optimal time limit.

Yes, we know it feels so good to have massages in a massage chair. Sometimes you will fall asleep while having a massage.  

Nowadays, massage chairs come with an automatic timer to turn off the massages after the optimal period or you can use this automatic timer to wake you up.

The Optimal time for a new user

If you are new to a massage chair, we recommend you to use it for 2 to 10 minutes not more than that. This will help your muscles to get used to it.

After two to three weeks of usage, you can start incrementing the time but not more than 15 to 20 minutes.  

Always take it slow, this is like a workout session in the gym. The slower you start and increment the massages – the better the results.

Keep in mind – 15 to 20 minutes is enough. This will bring you a drastic change in your personal and work life.

How many sessions can I have in a week?

The number of sessions you can have in the massage chair per week depends on the purpose of using it. 

If you are using it for reducing chronic pain – you can use it on alternate days that is 3 to 4 sessions per week.

If you are using it for relaxation and reducing stress – you can use it for 2 to 3 sessions per week. 

Best time to use the massage chair

You can use a massage chair either in the morning after waking up or in the evening before going out to bed.

When to use a massage chair to get more out of it?

The morning massage session of 10-15 minutes in the wake-up or stretched mode helps you in getting the energy and focus you need to start your day.

You can use your massage chair after your workout as well to loosen the muscles and get rid of soreness.

If you are someone like me who is having a long hectic work schedule, then you will definitely need a relaxation massage in the evening

Having a 10 to 15 minutes session of kneading, tapping, and vibration helps you get relaxation and reduce the stress level.

You are the one who is having chronic pain for a long period, you can have massages in the evening before sleep to get rest to the muscles.

It actually depends on you and how it suits you in the long run.

Can I use my massage chair multiple times a day?

It is a common question that most of us have asked ourselves. And the answer is yes, you can!

You can use it multiple times a day. The optimal massage frequency can be 2 times a day with 15 to 20 minutes of the session.

If you overdo the massage sessions, you will not get the health benefits associated with it. 

How to know when you are overdoing massages?

Yes, sometimes we overdo it.

Inflammation of muscles due to overuse of massage chairs
Overdoing massage

Massage chairs feel so good sometimes my man in my head says “you can stay a little longer bro”. 

Sometimes I would have slept during the massage that it feels so soothing.

When you are overdoing the massages, you will see bruised tissues, inflammation, muscle damage, and soreness in your body.

When you feel this, you should know you are overdoing the massages. Then, you have to wait till the damaged muscles get healed so as not to further inflict the damage on the muscles.

To avoid falling asleep or overdoing your massages in the massage chair, you should make use of the auto-timer function present in the massage chair.

It will wake you up when you are asleep or it will stop massage after a certain period.

Can I use my massage chair multiple times everyday?

It is a common question that most of us have asked ourselves. And the answer is yes, you can!

You can use it multiple times a day. The optimal massage frequency can be 2 times a day with 15 to 20 minutes of the session.

If you overdo the massage sessions, you will not get the health benefits associated with it. 

Worktime of massage chair – How many members can use it?

We are not alone. Everyone in our family wants to get massages on the massage chair. 

Can I run a continuous 15 minutes session for an hour or two?

Yes! you can. The Massage chairs are built to run for a long time without any problems.

They are designed for commercial as well as individual use. 

You can see these massage chairs in the spa or office which will run for continuous hours without any disruption. 

So the answer is yes and these massage chairs won’t consume a lot of electricity. The power consumption is going to be less than your personal computer.

The Bottom Line

The optimal use of a massage chair is 10 to 15 minutes of 3 to 4 sessions per week. Shorter the sessions the better the health benefits you will get.

Kill the inner demon and stay within the limit. Wish you all the best.

Happy Massaging! – Vyralx team

Frequently asked Questions 

Can I use a massage chair daily?

Yes, you can use a massage chair daily. 

If you are new to massage chairs, try to use them 2 to 3 times per week so that your muscles won’t get damaged. 

How many times can you use a massage chair?

You can use a massage chair 2 times a day. If you use more than that you will damage your muscles.

If you are having back pain try to use it on alternate days i.e 3 to 4 sessions per week.

If you are using it for relaxation purposes you can have 2 to 3 sessions per week.

Is it good to have a massage chair at home?

Massage is a relaxing and healing activity that can reduce stress, improve sleep, and enhance immunity.

The answer to this question would be “yes.” There are many benefits to having a massage chair at home. 

It can help you relax after a long day of work or gym, it can improve your sleep quality, and it can also help you stay healthy.

Are there any side effects of a massage chair?

There are many benefits of using a massage chair but, they also cause bruises, soreness, and damage in the muscles on overuse.

The risk is that the massage chair can cause injury to the user due to the pressure exerted on certain parts of the body for a prolonged time. 

This is why it’s important to be careful when you use a massage chair.

Do massage chairs use a lot of electricity?

No, the massage chair doesn’t use a lot of electricity. The massage chair with daily consumption of 2 hours consumes less than the personal computer in our home.

How long does a massage chair last?

A massage chair usually lasts for about 10-12 hours of continuous use. A normal massage chair lasts more than 7 to 10 years but it also depends on how we use it.

If we maintain the massage chair from day 1 its going to last for more than 8 years.