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How to move a Heavy Massage Chair – Disassembling Steps

How to move a heavy Massage chair

Your house bell rings! 

Knock Knock! Your brand new massage chair arrives at your doorstep. A moment of joy while seeing the massage chair in a box.

The technician arrives to assemble your massage chair and places it in your desired location. Your perfect massage chair is ready for you to enjoy.

So now, you have enjoyed your massage chair for a while but you feel the location is not appealing.

Maybe you are feeling some disturbances in your current room. You want to move the massage chair to a new room or upstairs. Or maybe you are moving to a new home in your favorite place.

You may wonder how to move a heavy massage chair to a new room or a new place? 

Moving a heavy massage chair is a difficult task but it is not a daunting one.

You must know how to move a heavy massage chair so that you can avoid any damage to the chair.

You will need to ensure that the chair is stable, secure, and safe before attempting to move it.

In this article, we will share our ideas on how to move a heavy massage chair safely without any damage.

Measure your Massage chair size and Doorway space

The first and foremost thing you should think of is whether the massage chair will go through that door?

You may ask how the technician brought it here?

Your technician crew would have brought the massage chair to your room without assembling the massage chair. 

So, measure the width of the massage chair and your doorway space before moving the chair.

Massage chairs with a width of 26 to 30 inches will go through most of the doorway. 

Get help from your Friends or your Family

Do you know? A good quality massage chair weighs between 100lbs to 200 lbs i.e, 50 to 100 kg. 

So, you are not going to do it alone.

Call your friends, your family members, or your neighbor for help. You will need 1 to 2 members for help in moving your massage chair.

If you have any idea of doing it alone, just throw it away or you will get hurt.

Also, get some dolly or furniture sliders to ease the process of moving your massage chair.

How to move a Heavy Massage Chair?

Moving your heavy massage chair is a difficult task. It requires a lot of physical strength and it is not an easy process. Let’s see how we can move a heavy massage chair.

Almost all massage chairs will have wheels on the back of the chair. You have to use these wheels and lift the chair up to move the massage chair.

You need someone to assist you in the front while moving the massage chair. They will hold the ottoman in the front to avoid crashing.

It will be hard to move your massage chair on the carpet floor. But, if it is a hardwood floor or tiles we can easily move the chair around.

Sometimes the massage chair will be too heavy to roll on the carpet roll. 

How can you move the heavy massage chair if it is hard to move?

You can add dolly/furniture sliders in the massage chair to move the massage chair smoothly.

What if the massage chair is bigger than the doorway?

Most massage chairs will be bigger than the doorway. There are two possible ways to move the massage chair if this is the case for you.

1) By taking the Armrest

You have to remove the armrest from the massage chair. The technicians assemble these armrests while setting the massage chair in your desired location.

After removing the Armrest, tilt your massage chair up on the back wheels and slide it through the doorway. 

2) Roll your chair to the sides

Your massage chair is too wide. Even after removing the armrest, you are not able to slide the massage chair to the doorway. Then this is the choice for you.

  • Recline your chair fully so that it stays flat.
  • Place the furniture slider on the side we are going to roll
  • Roll the massage chair to place the slide on the furniture slider.

Now, you can easily move the massage chair through the doorway. But this is going to be tough, you will need some assistance to do this.

If you want to move the massage chair through the stairs, then there is no other way than manually lifting it or calling a professional mover.

Hire a Professional Mover

If you are not strong enough, older than 60, or there is no one to help you with. 

Hiring a professional mover is the smartest and safest way to move a massage chair. They will be having all the necessary equipment and expertise in moving the massage chair.

Professional movers are accustomed to all kinds of lifting and they will be having the packing materials. They will move your massage chair without having a scratch.

How to disassemble a massage chair?

We will need to disassemble the massage chair when you are moving to a new home or relocating your chair. 

You will need a screwdriver to disassemble the massage chair. Disassembling the massage chair differs based on brand and model to model. 

These are the generic five steps you need to follow while disassembling your massage chair.

1) Remove the cushion seat to access the hoses and screws connecting the armrest.

2) Disconnect the hoses and wiring harness that connects the armrest.

3) Remove the screws that hold each armrest in place.

4) Locate the armrest button to release the armrest out of the massage chair.

5) Now, go behind the backrest and reach down to the release tab to fold the massage chair.

Congrats! The massage chairs have been successfully disassembled.

The Bottom Line

Moving a massage chair is not an easy task. You will need assistance from your friends or family to move it. 

You will also require furniture sliders to help you out on hard surfaces.

Take all the safety measures before moving the massage chair. Hire a professional mover if you are not able to move it.

Happy Massaging – Vyralx team

Frequently asked questions

How do you lift a massage chair?

Make sure all the connections to the power source have been removed. 

Every massage chair will have wheels on the back. Go behind the massage chair and push the backrest down to lift the massage chair up on its wheels.

Now you can easily move the massage chair wherever you like.

How do you move a heavy massage chair upstairs?

Even if you are strong enough to lift the massage chairs on your shoulder, it is recommended to hire a professional mover.

They will be having a team of experts who are accustomed to lifting and handling stuff. They will have the proper equipment and packaging materials to move the massage chair safely without any damage.

How do you move an electric massage chair?

Electric massage chairs will have wheels on the back. You can lift the massage chair on the wheels to move the massage chair.

You will also need some help to move the massage chairs as they are heavy. 

Or you can hire a professional mover.