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How to Use a Leg Massager Perfectly – Proper 6 step guide

How to use a leg massager

~How to use a Leg Massager?

Buying a leg massager is a great investment you have made to get rid of that devastating pain in your leg.

Using a leg massager properly will yield you a lot of benefits for your health as well as relieve you from leg pain.

Leg pains are caused due to a lot of factors such as overuse of your muscle, wear & tear, poor blood circulation, blood clot, varicose veins, etc.

But if you don’t use it correctly, it will cause so much damage to your muscles. 

There will be a lot of settings and functionalities that may confuse you while using it for the first time.

In this article, we will show you a clear 6 steps process that will help you in setting up and using the leg massager properly.

Step by Step Process on How to Use a Leg Massager

1) Turning on the Massager

After unboxing the leg massager, connect the power cord to the power outlet. Make sure you are not wet while connecting.

Turn on the Master power switch in the leg massager to turn on the leg massager. In most of the leg massagers, the Master power switch you can find at the rear end.

2) Setting the Reclination

Earlier, leg massagers used to come without reclination which makes to sit in the upright position for a long time. This causes discomfort and back pain for the users.

Nowadays, all leg massagers come with a reclination feature for ease of use and comfort.

You can find the recliner in the bottom front of the leg massager. You can adjust the reclination of the massager up to 45 degrees.

This helps you to sit in your comfortable position (on a sofa or a reclined chair) to enjoy the leg massage.

3) Position Yourself

Move the leg massager to a convenient location using the casters(wheels) present in the leg massager.

The next thing you have to do is to place yourself in a comfortable position and slide your leg into the leg massager.

You can feel the rollers of the leg massager in your feet and the calves.

4) Using the Remote Panel.

After positioning yourself in a comfortable position, you have to make use of the remote panel in the massager to enjoy the massage.

Let’s take a quick overlook at the remote panel.

Note: *The remote panel shown and options shown in it may vary from brand to brand. Below are some common settings found in the leg massager.

Power Button: 

The power button in the remote panel turns on the leg massager

Auto Mode: 

Most of the massagers come with highly intelligent preconfigured massage programs to massage your lower leg.

The auto mode in the massager helps to get a massage in your entire leg based on the product brand settings.

Manual Mode: 

Sometimes, you may feel a need to massage a specific point in your lower leg instead of giving a massage to your entire leg.

You may feel soreness in your feet, ankle, or calf muscles. You can get rid of soreness in a specific part using manual mode.

You can choose your desired massage technique for your desired part of your lower leg to relax the muscles.

Air Compression: 

The air compression button in the leg massager activates the air compression massage.

In most of the leg massagers, there will be 20 to 35 airbags present to give air compression massage to your legs.

The airbags in these massagers firmly hug your legs to promote blood circulation, loosen the tightened muscles, and relieve the knot.

Heat therapy: 

The heat therapy button in the massager activates the heat therapy sessions on your foot.

Heat therapy in these leg massagers will provide you with mild heat up to 40 degrees Celcius.

Before turning on this feature, make sure you don’t have any skin allergies to heat conditions.


The intensity button in the remote panel helps to adjust the intensity of the massage.

The intensity options will apply to all massage modes. There will be three levels of intensity settings you can adjust (Weak- I, Mid – II, Strong – III)

Applying stronger intensity settings on a weaker portion of your leg may cause muscle damage. So choose appropriate intensity settings for your massage session.

5) Usage Frequency and Time Limit

Most of the leg massagers will have an auto-timer function associated with it. 

It will turn the leg massager off when the session reaches 15 mins of duration.

It is a pretty handy feature in the massagers to protect you from overusing the massager.

You can have a massage session of 10 to 15 mins at most. It is recommended to use the massager max of 2 times a day.

Overusing the massager may cause bruises to your skin and add muscle damage.

6) Removing the fabrics

You can unzip the fabrics present in the massager to wash at regular intervals.

Make sure the fabrics are dry before zipping them into the leg massager.

These are the 6 steps you have to keep in mind before using the leg massagers.

People who should not use leg massagers

There are some limitations in who should use and who should not use the leg massager. 

Some of them are

  1. Women that are pregnant or menstruating.
  2. People with contagious skin conditions
  3. People with osteoporosis
  4. Patients with heart disease.
  5. Those who are wet
  6. children under 14 years of age

Supervise the elders who are more than 70 and children who are less than 14 when they are using it.

Benefits of using a leg massager

There are numerous benefits for your health if you are using a leg massager. 

Some of the benefits are

1) Increased blood circulation.

2) Reduced muscle tension.

3) Improves skin health.

4) Relieves muscle pain and discomfort.

5) Relaxes tired legs and feet.

6) Reduces varicose veins, cellulite, and stretch marks.

The Bottom line

We have discussed the entire process of how to use a leg massager. We hope you have gained some insights from this article.

Leg massagers will be more pleasing to your legs so, make sure you are not overusing them to avoid any muscle damage.

We recommend you read the manual fully to understand your leg massager settings.

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Happy Massaging – Vyralx Team!

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