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Lixo Massage Chair LI4455 Review

Lixo massage chair LI4455 review

Lixo Massage chair LI4455 review | 25% on best massage chairs

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Are you looking for a massage chair that can come with a lot of customizations and other advanced features at a minimal cost?

Then Lixo massage chair LI455 is for you.

Lixo is a well-reputed brand serving the health equipment industry for more than a decade.

Lixo Massage chair LI4455 is one of the best Zero gravity massage chairs that has been available in the market since March 3, 2021.

LI4455 model of Lixo massage chair comes at an affordable price with a lot of advanced features in it.

It is a full-body massage chair that covers your head, neck, shoulder, back, waist, and leg.

Let’s dive into this article to know more about Lixo massage chair LI4455.

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  • Anti-pinch safety
  • SL track to cover your entire body
  • Less power consumption
  • Zero gravity position for deep massage
  • Heavy
  • No Body scan Technology

Track design

Lixo massage chair LI4455 comes with an S&L track design to give full massage to your body.

You may ask, What is S&L track design? How can it help us?

“S” in the S track means Sinusoidal (wave). The S track rollers follow the natural curve of the spine and extend from the neck to the lower back of your body.

L track is an extension of the S track which can cover your neck, shoulders, waist, and thigh but, it cannot follow through the natural curvature of your body.

Lixo LI4455 has an SL track design to give massage to your entire body by adjusting to your natural body curvature. 

Reclination - Zero Gravity Seating

LI4455 is a zero gravity massage chair with two modes of zero gravity positions.  

Zero gravity doesn’t mean you will defy gravity. It is the most stable position – even the astronauts use to take the pressure out of them on launch.

1) Zero gravity position 1 button in this massage chair will bring your body to an angle of 134 degrees. That means you will be reclined at a position at 45 degrees – neither flat nor upright.

2)  Zero gravity position 2  will be the position where you will enjoy the full benefits of zero gravity. Your body will be flat at 180 degrees and your legs will be raised above your heart level to improve blood circulation.

The whole weight of your body will be placed in the massage chair to get a deep rejuvenating massage. 

Apart from these two zero gravity positions, you can also enjoy massages at your choice of reclination.

You will be having buttons in the remote panel to incline and recline your massage chair.

Amazing Features

Lixo LI4455 massage chair has both auto and manual modes that you can choose based on your needs. 

If we want to work on a specific part of the body, we can go with Manual mode. Manual mode in this chair provides a lot of customization options.

Auto Mode:

There are 6 programs to choose from in the auto mode.

1) Recovery

It helps to get recover from a long day at work and reduces fatigue.

2) Extend

After a long workout in a gym, you can stretch and relax your muscles to loosen up. This makes the muscles flexible using stretching and flexing techniques.

3) Relax

You can get Relax massage to get an energized morning to start your day off.

4) Refresh

This option helps to relieve pain from the neck, back, and waist – to keep you refreshed.

5) Upper Auto

To massage the upper part of your body

6) Lower Auto

To massage the lower part of your body

Manual Mode

Manual mode lets us customize through N no of techniques and features.

There are 5 massage techniques available in massage mode.

  1. knocking
  2. kneading
  3. Tapping
  4. Shiatsu
  5. Rubbing

You can select your desired massage technique and choose where do you want to get the massage in the manual mode.

  • Whole
  • Partial
  • Point

You can also change the speed of the massage chair rollers in manual mode.

The speed ranges from 1 to 6 but, speed 3 is optimal for most of the massages.

Apart from auto and manual mode massages, the LI4455 massage chair provides us with air compression and heat massage techniques.

Air compression massage

You can also customize the air compression massage based on your desired point and intensity.

Lixo LI4455 has airbag compression on your whole body. You can also choose arm&shoulder and leg & foot to get an air massage. 

The intensity of the air compression massage ranges from 1 to 5.

Heat Massage

The LI4455 massage chair has heat massage therapy to help us reduce back pain.

You can choose heating massage in the remote and choose the heating setting you desire.

Power consumption

Are you worried about the power consumption this massage chair going to consume?

Lixo massage chair LI4455 comes at a power of 100 watts. Even if you use this chair for 1 hour a day, it is going to consume 1 to 2 units of electricity per month.


Size: 130 x 68 x 112 cm
Color: Blue / White
Net Weight: 63 (Kg)
Rated Voltage: 220 V
Rated Power: 100 W

Final verdict

The only feature that we see missing in this massage chair is the body scan technology to adjust the rollers to the user’s width and height.

But we can adjust manually using the remote.

The LI4455 massage is a bit heavy and it is hard to move without assistance. So choose your location for the massage chair before ordering the massage chair.

Apart from this, the Lixo Massage chair LI4455 is a great choice for those who want an affordable chair with multiple advanced features.

Happy Massaging! – Vyralx Team