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What is a Shiatsu Massage chair? – Its Top features and benefits

What is a Shiatsu Massage chair

~What is a Shiatsu Massage chair?

Getting up early in the morning for working out, traveling to the office in traffic, working a stressful 6 to 8 hours job, and coming back home in the traffic.

This is the normal routine for most people. They need a little break from this daily routine so, they can recharge their batteries for the next day. 

But, how do we get recharged?

Massage chairs are a great option to get some relaxation from your tiresome day. Massage chairs provide a lot of mental and physical benefits for us. 

Shiatsu massage chairs are a great choice if you want to get relaxed and to reduce stress, pain, and tension.

In this article, we are going to explain what is a shiatsu massage chair and the benefits associated with it.

The Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is one of the ancient healing art that we borrow from Japan. The Shiatsu technique is used in Japan even before acupuncture was invented.

It is based on the meridian system of energy i.e, some pathways run throughout the body. These pathways channel the energy flow throughout the body.

The energy that is present within these pathways is “Qi” pronounced as “chee”.  According to the Japanese, every living thing has this life force energy within them.

Shiatsu means finger (Shi) pressure(Atsu) in Japanese and they are the bigger part of the work in massage. 

This doesn’t mean they only do shiatsu with fingers but also with palm, elbow, knees, and feet.

Pain or discomfort in our body happens only when there is a blockage in the energy flow

With Shiatsu massage they will use the finger pressure, elbow, knees, and feet to release these blockages on the meridian pathways.

Shiatsu differs from other massage techniques in many ways. Shiatsu is usually done on the floor with the clothes on.

What is a Shiatsu Massage chair?

Shiatsu massage chair is a full-body massage chair with the shiatsu massage technique available in it. 

Shiatsu massage chair uses rollers instead of fingers to give pressure on the meridian system of energy.

The blocked energies are released from the body by applying pressure on the meridian system.

You may ask how it will identify the pressure points that are different for different people.

Most of the shiatsu massage chair comes with Body scan technology to read your body and adjust accordingly. 

Most people choose shiatsu massage chairs for relaxation, reducing stress levels, reducing back pain, and improving their sleep.

Shiatsu massage chairs apply shiatsu in the neck, shoulder, back, leg, and feet.

Apart from Shiatsu, there is a variety of techniques available in it such as tapping, rolling, kneading, vibration, etc.

Now, most of the zero gravity massage chairs have the shiatsu massage technique available in them. 

Shiatsu massage technique is available in 2D, 3D, and 4D massage chairs.

Caveat: Not all massage chairs come with the shiatsu massage technique. You have to double-check before buying it.

When you should not use a Shiatsu massage chair?

There will be certain times when you should avoid using shiatsu massage.

Some of them are

  • During pregnancy
  • Having rashes in your body
  • Fever
  • Contagious illness  
  • Open wound etc.

So, try to avoid the shiatsu massage technique when you have the issues mentioned above.

The Final Takeaway

Shiatsu massage chairs are a great choice if you need some relaxation or to reduce stress. 

The idea behind the shiatsu massage chair is to bring the body back into balance.

It is an important necessity for us that we should relax and get some rest at the end of the day.

By getting a shiatsu massage chair for your home, you don’t need a massage therapist to give you a shiatsu massage. You can get a shiatsu massage at your own time and schedule.

Happy Massaging – Vyralx Team

Frequently asked question 

Is a Shiatsu massager good for you?

Yes, Shiatsu is a good massager for you. It is an ancient healing art from Japan even before acupuncture was invented.

Shiatsu massage always provides a lot of benefits mental as well as physical health.

Shiatsu massage chair improves your blood circulation, reduces stress, anxiety, and improves your sleep.

Is Shiatsu a full-body massage?

Yes, Shiatsu is a full-body massage. It is done from the abdomen, back, neck, shoulder, and leg.

By doing Shiatsu, energy blockages in your body will be released in the meridian pathway.

What is meant by Shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu massage is a traditional Japanese style of therapeutic bodywork.

shi means “finger” and Atsu means “pressure” in shiatsu.

The main goal of Shiatsu is to balance the flow of energy, or “qi”, through the body. 

The practitioner uses their hands and fingers to apply pressure to points on the body called “tsubo”.

Do Shiatsu massagers hurt?

Shiatsu massages are done gently most of the time. Some people feel soreness in the body after this massage.

This depends on the intensity of the massage. This soreness will subside within a day or two.